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Charity Trip "Gift of love - Light up the future"

On July 22, 2022, the charity program "Gift of love - Light up the future" organized by Helping Hands Committee of Finance Planning department and the ambassadors of "Mizuiku - I love clean water" program was held successfully at My Thanh Primary School, Binh Thuan.

With the aim of supporting children in mountainous areas who are still facing many difficulties, Finance Planning Department has initiated a fund-raising activity and organized a meaningful charity trip to My Thanh primary school.

Responding to the spirit of "Giving back to society", Finance Planning Department had successfully raised an amount of VND 79,000,000 in cash and many other in-kind gifts from SPVB departments. The money raised was used to build a new school yard, purchase supporting facilities, gifts for My Thanh school. A part of this amount is also awarded as scholarships to disadvantaged students at the school. 

1. Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam charity team arrived at My Thanh primary school and prepared meaningful gifts for the students

2. Representatives of Finance Planning department presented the school with new facilities and awarded scholarships to disadvantaged students

3. "Mizuiku - I love clean water" classes delivered by the ambassadors had helped to raise awareness about water protection among students in grades 3, 4, and 5 at My Thanh Primary School, Binh Thuan.

4. Finance Planning’s management team and other members participated in planting trees and the celebration of the new school yard

The charity trip "Gift of love - Light up the future" of the Finance Planning team once again affirms the spirit of "Giving back to society" that SPVB pursues. The trip not only generated precious values for the society but also stayed in SPVB employees as a valuable memory. This charity activity also plays as a source of inspiration more meaningful charity programs in the future.