Mirinda logoMirinda is one of the leading soft drink brands in Vietnam and comes in two great tasting flavors - Orange and Sarsi

With its bold fruity taste and vibrant fizz, Mirinda livens up any day.

Mirinda comes in many convenienct packs: Pet 500ml, Pet 1200ml, Pet 1500ml, Can 300ml, Can 330ml, RGB 300ml, RGB 350ml




Can 330ml
Pet 1200ml
Pet 1500ml


Extreme Fund and full of Surprise, "Toi Dam Hat" (Dare to Sing) are coming back with a new version called "Ai Dam Hat" (Sing If You Can).
"Toi dam hat" is Vietnamese for "sing if you can", a TV game show sponsored by Mirinda broadcast on youth channel, YanTV. It has been a great match for Mirinda and a popular one too – ratings have remained high throughout the 13 episodes.



Mirinda on Media